18 Anime List Known For Their Gore

The world of gory anime, these series hunt through into the deep down and explore the darker facets of human nature, immersing viewers in blood-soaked sagas, intense battles, and psychological twists that leave an indelible mark on the anime landscape.

18 Anime List Known For Their Gore

From relentless samurai clashes to dystopian nightmares and supernatural horrors, the following list disclose 18 anime that have earned their reputation as masters of the macabre. These series don’t shy away from pushing boundaries, offering viewers an adrenaline-fueled journey through the darkest corners of the human psyche. Brace yourselves as we embark on a blood-soaked odyssey through a collection of anime that redefine the limits of storytelling, where gore isn’t just a shock factor but a compelling narrative tool. Enter at your own risk, for these tales are not for the faint of heart.

18 Anime List Known For Their Gore-

Hellsing UltimateHellsing ultimate , 18 Anime List Known For Their Gore

Hellsing Ultimate follows the Hellsing Organization, led by Sir Integra Hellsing, as they combat supernatural threats, particularly vampires and ghouls, that menace England. The organization’s most powerful weapon is Alucard, a powerful and ancient vampire who serves as their ultimate weapon against these dark forces.

The series explores themes of horror, violence, and the supernatural, featuring intense and gory battles filled with bloodshed and brutality. Alucard’s formidable abilities and merciless demeanor make for gripping and action-packed sequences as he faces off against various enemies. The anime delves into dark, Gothic atmospheres, presenting a world teetering on the brink of chaos, where the Hellsing Organization stands as humanity’s last line of defense against the encroaching darkness.

2 season with 23 episodes. + 3 special eps.

Attack on Titanattack in titan

Attack on Titan follows humanity’s struggle against colossal humanoid creatures called Titans. Eren Yeager and friends join the fight to protect humanity’s last stronghold from these monsters. Filled with action, suspense, and deep character arcs, the anime explores survival, sacrifice, and the mysteries behind the Titans while questioning the human condition in a world on the brink of extinction. Humanity fights against giant humanoid creatures, with intense battles showcasing graphic violence and scenes of blood and gore.

4 seasons with 89 episodes. 4th season has 3parts and Last 2Ep is 1Hr long.

Elfen LiedElfen Lied

Elfen Lied follows Lucy, a powerful being known as a Diclonius, whose escape from a research facility intertwines her fate with two students, Kouta and Yuka. Filled with themes of tragedy and identity, the anime navigates Lucy’s past and the violent consequences of human cruelty, offering a stark exploration of kindness, brutality, and the complexities of emotion in a harsh world. Elfen Lied is notorious for its graphic content, featuring intense and gory scenes that depict violence and brutality.

1 season with 13 episodes.

Tokyo GhoulTokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who becomes a half-ghoul after a chance encounter. Ghouls are creatures that feed on human flesh and live in secret among humans. Ken grapples with his new identity while navigating the dangerous world of ghouls and the conflicts that arise between them and humans.

The anime dives into themes of identity, morality, and the struggle for survival in a society where ghouls are both feared and hunted. It portrays intense and visceral battles between ghouls and humans, showcasing graphic violence and visceral scenes.

 4 seasons with a total of 48 episodes (Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul √A, Tokyo Ghoul:re).


Berserk follows the journey of Guts, a lone warrior with a tragic past, navigating a dark and violent medieval world filled with supernatural entities and political intrigue. The anime explores themes of revenge, ambition, and the struggle between good and evil in a merciless and unforgiving universe.

Known for its dark storytelling and intense action, berserk showcases brutal and graphic battles, portraying the harsh realities of combat and the consequences of power. The series dives into the complexities of human nature, portraying morally ambiguous characters and their choices in a world plagued by darkness and conflict.

2 seasons with 37 episodes, 3 Movie as eps recap?

Akame ga Kill!Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! follows Tatsumi, a young warrior who ventures to the capital to earn money to support his village. He joins a group known as Night Raid, fighting against a corrupt empire and its ruthless officials. The anime explores themes of morality, justice, and the consequences of wielding power.

Known for its action-packed sequences and intense battles, Akame ga Kill! features graphic violence and brutal confrontations as Night Raid battles against oppressive forces. The series delves into the personal struggles and motivations of its characters, each with their own beliefs and convictions, navigating a world filled with political corruption and moral ambiguity.

1 season with 24 episodes.

Deadman WonderlandDeadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland follows Ganta Igarashi, a young survivor of a catastrophic event that destroyed his school and left him accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He’s sent to Deadman Wonderland, a privately-run prison where inmates entertain visitors with deadly games. As Ganta navigates this macabre world, he discovers a dark conspiracy behind the prison and his newfound abilities.

The anime explores themes of survival, injustice, and the depths of human depravity. Filled with brutal and deadly games, Deadman Wonderland showcases graphic violence and disturbing confrontations as Ganta and other inmates fight for their lives.

 1 season with 12 episodes.


Gantz follows the story of Kei Kurono, a high school student who, along with others, is unexpectedly thrown into a deadly game after a fatal accident. They find themselves in a surreal world where they must confront and eliminate alien creatures to survive.

The anime is known for its intense and graphic violence, featuring explicit and bloody confrontations as the characters face relentless and often horrifying challenges.

 2 seasons with 26 episodes.


Claymore follows Clare, a half-human, half-monster warrior known as a Claymore, who hunts Yoma—shapeshifting creatures terrorizing humanity. The anime delves into a medieval world plagued by these monsters and the organization employing Claymores to protect humans.

Known for its dark atmosphere and intense battles, Claymore showcases gory and brutal confrontations as the Claymores face formidable enemies. The series explores themes of identity, vengeance, and the moral complexities of their mission, portraying the struggles of these warriors who are both feared and necessary in the fight against the Yoma.

1 season with 26 episodes.


Blood-C centers around Saya Kisaragi, a seemingly normal high school girl leading a double life as a skilled sword-wielding warrior. She battles monstrous creatures known as Elder Bairns threatening her town, all while trying to balance her everyday life.

The anime is known for its blend of horror, action, and mystery, featuring gory and brutal battles against terrifying creatures. Blood-C explores Saya’s journey as she uncovers the truth about her abilities and the dark secrets hidden within her town.

1 season with 12 episodes, 1 Movie.

Parasyte -the maximparasyte

Parasyte -the maxim revolves around Shinichi Izumi, a high school student who becomes entangled with mysterious alien creatures called Parasytes. These organisms infiltrate human hosts, taking control of their bodies. However, Shinichi manages to prevent a Parasyte from taking over his brain, leading to a unique symbiotic relationship.

The anime explores themes of identity, morality, and the consequences of human nature when faced with extraterrestrial threats. Known for its intense and graphic body horror, Parasyte depicts visceral and often disturbing battles between humans and Parasytes.

1 season with 24 episodes.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) follows Yukiteru Amano, a loner who gains a Future Diary, a device predicting the future. He becomes embroiled in a deadly battle royale involving other Diary holders, each with their unique predictive diaries and a goal to become the next ruler of time and space.

The anime explores themes of survival, manipulation, and the depths of human desperation. Known for its intense and thrilling narrative, Mirai Nikki showcases graphic violence and psychological confrontations as the Diary holders strategize and fight to outwit each other.

1 season with 26 episodes.

Black LagoonBlack Lagoon

Black Lagoon revolves around the story of Rokurou Okajima, an ordinary salaryman turned unwilling participant in the criminal underworld after being abducted by a mercenary group called the Lagoon Company. The anime follows their adventures as they navigate the dangerous and lawless city of Roanapur, taking on various missions and dealing with criminal organizations.

Known for its gritty and action-packed narrative, Black Lagoon showcases intense gunfights, high-stakes situations, and morally complex characters. The series delves into themes of morality, survival, and the blurred lines between good and evil in a world filled with violence and corruption.

3 seasons with 29 episodes.

Goblin SlayerGoblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer follows a young priestess who joins forces with the enigmatic Goblin Slayer, a warrior dedicated to eradicating goblins. The anime explores a dark fantasy world plagued by these vicious creatures, often underestimated by adventurers but posing a significant threat.

Known for its dark themes and explicit content, Goblin Slayer showcases explicit and violent scenes, particularly in the context of goblin encounters. The series delves into the grim and brutal nature of these battles, emphasizing the horrors faced by those who confront these seemingly lesser foes.

2 seasons with 19 episodes + 5eps Ongoing, 1 movie

Afro SamuraiAfro Samurai, 18 Anime List Known For Their Gore

Afro Samurai follows the titular character, Afro, on a quest for revenge against Justice, the man who killed his father. In a unique blend of traditional samurai culture and futuristic elements, Afro navigates a violent and stylized world as he battles powerful adversaries in pursuit of his vengeance.

The anime is known for its visually stunning animation, action-packed sequences, and an emphasis on sword-fighting prowess. Afro Samurai features intense and bloody confrontations, showcasing Afro’s journey through a dark and gritty landscape filled with danger and betrayal.

 1 season with 5 episodes, Afro Samurai: Resurrection MOVIE.


Dorohedoro is set in a gritty world where humans and sorcerers coexist, albeit with tensions between them. The story follows Caiman, an amnesiac man with a lizard head, as he seeks to recover his memories and identity. Alongside his friend Nikaido, Caiman battles sorcerers in a quest to uncover the truth behind his reptilian transformation.

Known for its dark humor, unique art style, and violent action, Dorohedoro explores a dystopian cityscape filled with bizarre characters and fantastical elements.

1 season with 12 episodes.


Btooom! revolves around Ryouta Sakamoto, an avid player of an online game where combat involves strategic placement of bombs. However, Ryouta’s virtual expertise becomes real when he wakes up on an isolated island and realizes he’s part of a deadly real-life version of the game.

The anime is known for its intense survival themes, strategic battles, and the psychological toll on its characters. It features graphic and violent confrontations as players navigate the island, using their wits and combat skills to outsmart opponents

1 season with 12 episodes.

Shigurui: Death Frenzy

Shigurui: Death Frenzy

Shigurui: Death Frenzy is a dark and visceral anime set in the Edo period of Japan. It revolves around a brutal and deadly martial arts tournament called the Kogan Style, known for its ruthlessness and violence. The series focuses on the rivalry between two skilled samurai, Gennosuke Fujiki and Seigen Irako, as they face off in this merciless competition.

Known for its graphic and realistic portrayal of violence, Shigurui: Death Frenzy depicts intense and gory battles, exploring themes of ambition, honor, and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of mastery.

1 season with 12 episodes.

When They Cry series

When They Cry series

When They Cry is a gripping anime that revolves around the small village of Hinamizawa, where a series of eerie and inexplicable events occur every year during the local festival. The story follows a group of friends as they experience these disturbing incidents and the sinister secrets that haunt their seemingly peaceful town.

Known for its psychological thriller elements and suspenseful storytelling, “When They Cry” explores themes of mystery, horror, and the complexities of human nature. The series intricately weaves together multiple timelines and perspectives, unraveling a narrative filled with suspense and unexpected twists.

4 seasons with 89 episodes.



Genocyber is a cyberpunk anime that follows the tale of two siblings, Elaine and Diana, who become entangled in a series of catastrophic events involving experimental cybernetic technology. As the story unfolds, it explores themes of power, destruction, and the consequences of unchecked scientific advancement.

Known for its dark and violent content, Genocyber showcases graphic and intense scenes that delve into body horror and the ramifications of merging humans with advanced technology. The anime presents a narrative rich in philosophical undertones, depicting a world where scientific experimentation leads to chaos and despair.

1 OVA - 2.1 Hrs


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